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More Than Just a Candle

At Aromance, we want to bring you more than just a candle. We thrive to develop high quality artisanal works of art that are stunning to look at even when unlit. Our molded decorative candles come in all sorts of beautiful designs and actually work more as a piece of candle art than anything else. We don't recommend burning our molded candles, but instead, use them as home decor accents around your house.

Our concrete jar candles are just as beautiful, with every jar hand crafted in-house by one of our experienced cement craft experts. We choose not to add any labels directly to our concrete jars as they are reusable. Once the candle is all used up, you can reuse our cement candle vessels for literally any other purpose. Some people use our jars as planters, others to hold their jewelry - the options are limitless.

Our Story

Aromance was founded in Quebec, Canada with the purpose of creating luxurious candles that look amazing in any home decor setting. With our handmade procedures, each and every candle is crafted with extreme care, ensuring that you get a masterpiece every time. Our team of candle enthusiasts makes every little detail count, from the perfect fragrance amount to the detailed cement jars, we put a lot of effort into making sure you get the best candle burning experience imagineable. 

Our goal is to bring you the best a candle can be. We work hard and do a massive amount of testing to provide you with great smelling candles that are safe and eco-friendly. We also only make vegan candles that are non-toxic and we use high quality 100% soy wax to bring you the very best experience. Our mission is to provide a luxurious candle burning experience with unique jars and molds that look and smell fantastic. 

We also care about you - so we provide what we believe to be outstanding customer support. Whether you have feedback, questions or concerns with your order, just send us a message we'll do our best to find the best solution available, every time.